[2009-12-05]* Hawaii, Kauai

Broadcast with Sri Bhagavan to Kauai, Hawaii - Dec. 5, 2009

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Q: It seems that the shift in consciousness is occurring with or without human cooperation and that our main job as Blessing Givers is to keep the current of Grace flowing so as to accelerate this process.. How do you see this change over to the new reality?  Could you expand on these thoughts?

BHAGAVAN:   What is happening without human cooperation.. energy shift.  It is not a consciousness shift, it is an energy shift, which humans must make use of to bring about a consciousness shift. Consciousness shift will not happen on its own.  What is happening is only an energy shift.  Like in '89, what happened was an energy shift, which the East Germans made use of to bring down the Berlin wall and to destroy communism.

You have to put in your effort.  So we have to really awaken ourselves to make use of these energies in order to bring about a shift in human consciousness, which will bring about a shift in human perception.

Now we can expect things to start activating from the year 2011.  But you will see a very dramatic difference only in 2012, where people will start perceiving things differently.  Like, for example, if a husband and wife are quarreling, as the energy shifts and consciousness shifts, because of your efforts, suddenly the quarrel will look very, very enjoyable.  Let us say your husband is abusing you or your wife is nagging you, but instead would look very, very different.  That would be the shift in perception.  It will become a very enjoyable experience.

And not only that, people who have been separate from the other, they will no longer be separate.  They will feel that I and the other are the same.  This is not a concept, it is not a thought.  They will actually see that they are the other. And when the other is affected they too will be affected.  They could even be affected physically also.  Some people may be in such extreme states, like if somebody is beaten, those marks would appear on their own bodies, they could go to that extreme in a few cases.  To that extent people will be affected and what will happen is slowly all division will cease.  Like division within oneself, within ourselves, that will cease.  Then conflict within the individual and individual thoughts within yourself, that will cease.  Because of that, social groups will come together, ultimately nations will come together and we will work as a single planet also.

Often we may speak of Earthians, not calling ourselves Indian or American or Chinese.  These things may seem really barbarous and they will very naturally fade away and all illusion ceases, conflict ceases and along with conflict, suffering goes.

This happens and you will also feel very, very close to the Divine.  It is not that the Divine is something up there or you cannot perceive the Divine. You will soon discover the Divine and you can easily communicate, not only that, your own higher self.

In other words, we will be moving in the direction come 2012 that man and God, whatever you want to call that, would actually become one.  That is a journey we will take.  But for this to happen we have to work.  We just can not keep quiet.  And the Blessing is a tool and we must become Blessing Givers and we have to keep growing. And the purpose of these meetings with you is to help you to grow fast.

I will be meditating along with you and blessing you also and solving some of your problems.  So we will continue to interact.  Had we done this earlier, we maybe would have got in a better state by now. So at least let us now start, and we can expect very good results in the year 2011.  Even 2010 many things will start happening.  They will become more perceptible.  So let's start working on ourselves, we are to start working on ourselves.  We are to see whatever is going on inside us.  I will talk about that later when we meet next month.

So now shall we move into meditation for 3 minutes?

Are we ready