[2010-02-21] (V)* Hawaii, USA

Skype with Hawaii 21/2/2010


Question: Bhagavan, Our children (below age 16) are little lightbearers and we wish to include them in the Oneness community, in addition, they want to be included. How can we include them? If they cannot attend youth courses, how can we help them to awaken?

Bhagavan: Yes, you can however initiate them into becoming Deeksha Givers or Blessing Givers. That is possible. After giving and receiving Deeksha’s they will naturally be growing, and of course how to provide a youth course for them, that could follow later on. They need a trainer or somebody there to become a youth trainer also and you could conduct the youth courses there yourself. But in the meanwhile, if they are so passionate about it, they could be initiated into becoming Blessing Givers. That’s no problem at all.

We could move onto the second question.

Question: Dear Bhagavan, here in Hawaii we are starting to form our groups of 25 with previous and new Deeksha Givers. Please would you very clearly and in detail tell us what will these groups be doing. What will they do when they meet, what interaction will you have with them, this year and then in 2012, what process and states will you give to these groups and what do you expect these groups to achieve in consciousness for themselves and for others.

Bhagavan: I think that is the most comprehensive question I have so far………..

Well, as you form those groups of 25, I will be interacting with you once in a month and I will be giving you a teaching for the month. Like January I was speaking to you on inner integrity in Sweden. So I will keep on speaking. This month, you must have got this teachings already with you. So you have to discuss these teachings as a group. Not only teaching about it individually but collectively you must discuss and try to get some insights. That’s one thing. The next thing is, these groups must sit and receive Deeksha amongst themselves as well as giving in the public. The giving of the Deeksha is actually more powerful than the receiving the Deeksha, so you must be practicing it. Then what happens is, you go along like this month after month, every month a new teaching, and then check up and see if all have understood correctly the teachings is very, very important. Now we will give you further major teachings in the twelve months and other teachings would be given on our website. You will get it from there, I think it is from next week and you have to be discussing about those teachings, right from the website and what I give every month. Thus every month we will be meditating together, the duration will be increasing, as we go along, I will increase the duration. These are a sort of preparation. As I have already spoken about on the Skype somewhere that we are preparing the DVD. The television set is there, that is your consciousness, the DVD is there is the mind, and the Deeksha, the Blessing is the power supply. What is not ready is the DVD. So these teachings, by making you understand the teachings, I am preparing the DVD. For example, the teachings would say, “your mind is not your mind”, but you would say, “no, no, it’s my mind.” The I tell you, “your thoughts are not your thoughts”, and you would say, “no, no, these are my thoughts”, and I tell you, “your body is not your body” and you say, “ridiculous, this is my body”. So, intellectually maybe you could be able to understand this but in actuality you must see that the body itself is independent of you. It can just go on and the thought is just flowing to you, the mind is not yours, everything is happening automatically. So all these things must be a reality to you. That would happen once these teachings are ready as a DVD, we put into the DVD player and then switch on the power supply. And then you come to the conclusion that it is your consciousness. Technically speaking, the Deeksha is given and then it awakens the kundalini and activates the chakras and then the chakras are ductless glands that are secreting and then there is a neurobiological shift. When that shift happens, depending on what DVD or what teachings we have put, accordingly the shift could happen and that becomes your state. So now the idea is by the end 2010, we will have given you all of the necessary teachings, after teachings are very, very fast, but we will be giving you what is necessary and then between January 2011 and June 2011, we will be doing what is called programming. This is a very, very ancient technique which we will be sharing with you and do the programming. And then from July of 2011 we start the process and hopefully, before the end of 2012 most of you should be awakened. That is the group is ready. We have the awakened people, we have the Blessing Givers and we have the trainers all in place in the requisite numbers. Then 2012 we begin our work where we will be meditating together, groups all over the world at the same time and Amma Bhagavan will be joining you and the frequency will increase, month after month, till probably in month of December it will be every day, globally we will be meditating together. That will affect global consciousness. Not all of them would become awakened, many thousands would become awakened, but most people would move into higher states of consciousness and even the most wretched person would have a slightly awakened consciousness, little higher level consciousness. And because consciousness would erupt, problems would slowly start, not immediately, could slowly start vanishing, because most problems arise from lower levels of consciousness. Because lower levels of consciousness are never happy people, they are full of misery and suffering and it is all beautifully packed and covered up. Now actually become happy, the world becomes a happier place, a better place. Happy people do not create suffering for others; unhappy people create all around suffering, happy people all around, joy. So if people end up become happy then the world becomes a happier place. It is as simple as that and problems start disappearing. That should be achieved hopefully toward the end of 2012. So all this would depend upon how you are going to work together, and looking at you I am getting a very good feel, is this the feeling in Hawaii itself? Or only with this group?

Sharina: No, I think Hawaii is pretty happy generally, Bhagavan.

Bhagavan: Then I think we should make very fast progress at least in Hawaii. So your job will be to hang up as groups and be giving the Blessings and to discuss the teaching and get ready for January 2011 when the programming starts. But all that would fall into place ONLY if you understand the teaching. It requires hard thinking, not hard work. Hard work is different of course, juggling and then giving Deeksha, this and that, all that is there, but hard thinking. Hard thinking is more painful. People are willing to do hard work but not hard thinking. So the teachings require hard thinking to sit and discuss like this and then you are ready, the DVD is inserted, but it might so happen even without actually loading the DVD, some of you could become awakened. That possibility is there. So let’s hope it would happen that way. More and more people are becoming awakened every week. We are putting them on our website. We don’t have enough time to upload them, so we will soon be uploading them. So if you go to our website and see all the people, what they are talking on the awakening, all that will encourage you and inspire you, give you clarity. So now, shall we go into our meditation?

Response: Yes Bhagavan

Bhagavan: We could go for a five minute meditation.

Response: Wonderful Bhagavan. Thank you very much.

Bhagavan: We’ll start.