[2009-12-01]* Japan

December 1, 2009 Bhagavan Skype Meeting Japan

Question 1

What is going to happen in 2012.

What is going to happen in 2012 is a continuation of what happened in 1989. That is, there will be a shift in energy. This energy that we call prahnic energy. There will be a shift in prahnic energy.

When energies shift, we can make use of it to move to higher level of consciousness.When we move to a higher level of consciousness, we could bring about a change of perception. When perception changes, the world changes. I’d like to give a story that I often keep repeating, which ilustrates this principle.

In Hindu scriptures, it is said, in India, (…..?) There is a story. One farmer selling his plot of land to another. After some weeks the second farmer discovers a pot of gold, which he brought back and gave to this man, the first man, saying: “I only bought your plot of land, not your pot of gold, please take it.” The first man went home saying: “I also sold you the pot of gold. I will not take it back.” Then the two went to the king because they could not solve the difference. The king said, please come back after a week. After a week when they went back, the first man said: “I only sold you the plot of land, give me back my pot of gold.” The second one said: “No more, when I bought the plot of land, I also bought the pot of gold.” The king who heard this was quite astonished. How in a week their perception would have changed. So the king said, let’s go to Lord Krishna. They went to him and he said: “It has come.” Meaning the new age had come and people’s perception has changed.

Yes, so we believe that problems at the level of the individual, problems at the level of the collective, problems at national level, problems at the global level, all arise because of wrong perceptions. Wrong perceptions are there, because we are functioning from a lower level of consciousness. We function from a lower level of consciousness because energies right now are pretty low. So in 2012, when the energies change, we can make use of it, that is if you have electricity you can make use of it for whatever purpose you want. Similarly, when energies change, we could make use of it for changing human level of consciousness. Along with that, perception will change. Along with the changes in perception, problems will actually get dissolved. That is for 2012.

So, this our plan of action. We have lost really valuable time, we have fallen behind schedule. Therefore, we want to dramatically increase the Blessing Givers in the year 2010 and more so in 2011, and keep training the Blessing Givers for 2012. In 2012, starting in January, what we propose to do is to create groups of Blessing Givers, small, medium or big size Blessing Givers all over the world in every country. These Blessing Givers could be trained to give deeksha to each other in order that they can raise their level of consciousness. We would also be joining and meditating and you would move into higher levels of consciousness, which would lead you into states say like Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, Krishna consciousness, whatever you want. They will not all be the same, but there will be a oneness to it. And when people move into these states of consciousness, the whole of humanity would also move to higher level of consciousness. So all these changes that we are now making, is essentially to make up a loss of time and to be ready for 2012.

Yes. So, also most important is, this phenomenon is born in 1989, for the phenomenon to be fully powerful, deliver what it wants to deliver, we have got to free it from our own clutches. Which means, we must hand it over to the people. People must be empowered to the power of the phenomenon and the teachings and knowledge must be given to the people. It must become a people’s movement, not controlled by a group of people from India. It HAS to be given away to the world’s people. They are the heirs to this. It has to be given away. Unless it is given away, it will never achieve full power. That is what we are trying to do. If we do not do that, the phenomenon will not acquire full power and 2012 may not happen. Only if we give it away, this will happen.

Should we go to the second question?

Question 2

Deeksha Givers would form groups where they could move into higher states of consciousness, meditating along with us and we could have a map of Japan. When they move into higher levels of consciousness…

Deeksha Givers can form into small groups of people.

After forming groups, they can move into higher levels of consciousness while meditating along with me.

Yes. Now when you form groups of people and meditating along, deekshas given to the map will naturally go to the people of Japan.

As we keep doing this, when the year 2012 comes, it will be very very powerful. That should help shift the people of Japan into higher states of consciousness.

Yes, that is the only solution to the problem.

Now we move to the second part of the question.

Yes. The teachings have never changed. We have only given additional teachings.

We have never said “put in effort” nor have we said “don’t put effort”. We have said it must be effortless effort. What was spoken in the seminars is what we have always been speaking.

Let me clarify further. What I mean by effortless effort. You are in a room and it’s a little bit dark and you suspect there is a snake. All of you may experience the same fear.

Suppose somebody brings along a torch, someone brings a torch and puts on the torch. That is called the effort part.

You bring a torch form somewhere, focus the torch on the snake and then you put on the switch. This part is called effort. In the light of the torch, you realize it not a snake but only a rope.

The moment you see it is a rope, it did not require time, it did not require energy, it did not require effort. This we call effortless.

Bringing the torch part is applied to the teaching. That is effort. Then you just see what is there. The seeing is called awareness. It naturally happens. When the light is there, it naturally happens. What makes you see is the deeksha. Bringing the torch is applying the teaching. The actual “on” of the torch is deeksha and you actually see. When you see…Bringing the torch is the teaching. Oning the torch is deeksha, blessing.

So, when you “on” the torch, deeksh is “on”, you are seeing. You have seen the seer. It does not take time, it does not take energy, it does not take effort, it is automatic. Nothing need be done. That’s what we are talking about.

 So the whole thing is called effortless effort. So it is the teaching plus spirituality. Spirituality is deeksha. Oneness equals to psychology plus spirituality.

 If you remove spirituality, it is simply psychology. It does not work. So the teaching part is the psychology part, the spiritual deeksha.

We move one to the next part of the question.

Shall I give the answer?

So deeksha actually works on the brain. It activates certain parts of the brain and deactivates other parts of the brain. This is on the neurobiological side.

When this happens, you get connected with the Divine. You are beginning to harness divine energies like you harness wind energy or solar energy.These divine energies are nothing but your own Higher-Self with which you have lost contact.

Higher-Self. The Divine is your own Higher-Self. You have a Lower-Self and a Higher-Self. Your own Higher-Self. Once you get in touch with you own Higher-Self, your Higher-Self will set you right. Deeksha…

Deeksha is coming from your own Higher-Self. Deeksha is your own Higher-Self trying to reach out to your own Lower-Self. Deeksha is part of yourself only.

Now we go on to the next question.

Question 3

When we talk of enlightenment, we are not talking about a small group of people.

Shall I start?

When we speak of enlightenment of the world, we are not speaking about small groups of people or large groups of people becoming enlightened. We are talking of a massive shift in human consciousness.

This is going to happen through the actions of your own Higher-Self. I am only a facilitator. Your Higher-Self is already there. The phenomenon has already taken birth in 1989. I am merely a facilitator.

I think the questions are over. I think..

Shall we go into meditation for 3 minutes?

Love you Oya-san.

Love you all.

See you again.