[2010-01]** Japanese Group in India

Sri Bhagavan with Japanese Group at Oneness University, India (Date?)

These videos have been deleted from Youtube.

It says on the users Youtube page that he will upload them next week. You can however read the transcript below of parts 4 & 5

about the Golden Ball & 2010, 2011 & 2012.

Notes for Parts 4 & 5 only.

Part 1: About Phenomenon 

Growth with power decline as control has grown through the movement.Maximum flexibility is the goal for 2012 so that the power will be at itsmaximum.

Part 2: 

All must be dissolved in the Oneness Movement as an organization by 2014. The people doing the work must teach so growth happens and teaching is appropriate to eachculture, have all the freedom and the people take over as successors. Spirituality should not be organized and no middleman between man and the divine. You can bea teacher, but not a middle agent between man and God.

Part 3: About former dasas 

Part 4: The Golden Ball and 2012:

What happened at the temple opening, is I had to consecrate the golden ball. When consecrating because I brought the golden ball through my son because he was young and small and pure he had to touch the golden ball. I brought the golden ball through my son in 1989 because he was very young and small. Because I was consecrating at the temple opening, he had to touch the ball. And tradition is, if he is married and he  has a child, they too must touch. The three people misunderstood that I had made my son the successor. That day their minds changed. That is when Samadarshini in a teleconference in the UK she said, “At the temple opening, something happened and my mind changed.“

So the three people got together and began to make plans. They took 18 months and on November 4, they suddenly left. It was 18 months they slowly planned and prepared for themselves. They were very, very nice to me. 6 months before that happened, I had visions of what is going to happen. Before they left, I could see scenes of them leaving--visions. Many dasas here had visions even 1 year ago. Some devotees saw they would leave 8 years ago. So I knew it had to happen We cannot stop it. One month before November 4, they could understand that I know what is happening. So they decide to leave very fast.

Now the only problem is people are disturbed. They are wondering how Oneness can break like this.  They’re not speaking about 2012, they’e not speaking about the deeksha. So people’s faith getting  shaken—it’s affecting the sphere of the work. That is the only problem. So, the way to counter this is for people like  Nakarashagi (spelling?) must  produce large numbers of blessing givers. (Bhagavan turns to Narsimakumar  and says “Today is the homa?”) We are going to have a ritual where we are going to put a lot of power into him. So that he can produce a lot of blessing givers because these blessing givers from January 2012, they must start giving blessings to each other. As they keep giving, Amma and Bhagavan will be joining them in that. There states will go up As  their states go up. it will hit not only Japan but the rest of the world also.  Of course the main focus is to be Japan. The *. . * of every country must focus on itself. If we can grow sufficiently fast in terms of blessing givers, we will be able to counter this problem.

Part 5: 2010, 2011, 2012 and beyond: Moving from Existence to Living


So 2012, you repeatedly mention the importance and you mention that is the year that God and man must come together, Can you explain specifically more about the calendars and the energies?

 We believe in a 5,000 year cycle which is coming to an end in the year 2012. And another  cycle that is 26,400 years which is also coming to an end in the year 2012.  And another cycle, 650,000 year cycle which is also coming to an end in 2012. This is a very, very real occurrence which means the old will end and the new will begin. That’s one thing. The next is we believe the universe is 13.7 billion years old.  We also believe that the universe will last for another 13.7 billion years. We believe that this is the midpoint of the universe. The universe according to Hindu scriptures began as a very, very small little point and took 84 lag steps to arrive here. We believe in two things, existing and living.

Now, suppose you are building a house. You’re working hard, you’re not enjoying you’re only working to build the house. After building the house, you go in side the house and you start enjoying. Similarly we believe that for the 13. Billion years it’s been work, work, and work. And we have been existing. Now the house is built. In 2012, man is going to enter the house and start living. Living is what we call awakening, enlightenment, mukti, all those things. Also, we study the nature of time every year. All these years have been studied thousands of years ago. Now for example, 2009 has been called (long Indian name) It means there is a lot of enmity in the world. Enmity in the world within countries nations, groups and within you and the world also, and inside you also. 2010 is called (long Indian name) It means very strange things, perverse things against nature will be happening in the world. And peoples’ behavior also will be perverse, unnatural, very strange. Inside also, you will have perverse thoughts, strange thoughts. This kind of thing will go on. 2011 (Indian name) What’s going to happen is around June 2011, man and the divine will start coming very close. 2012 is called (Indian name) That is a new birth and great joy. This has been foretold thousands of years ago and then it becomes better in 2013, 2014… It goes on improving like that.

Now if you must grow a paddy, you must have a lot of water and rice. If you must row a paddy, you must have a lot of rains. Without rains you cannot grow paddy.  And with the rains, you cannot keep quiet. You must work and do something    Now       2011, June. the rains start coming. 2012, very good rains. We must make use of those rains. How do we make use of? We have a lot of blessing givers giving blessings to each other. If we can do that, we an change human consciousness. Because this is such a rare opportunity for the whole of mankind. We are so near to it.

Now, people might ask is 2012 will it really happen? We have special programs for that in India. Every week there is another program. In those programs, people become awakened. They are entering 2012. Not even teachings are given to them. We only give them powerful deekshas. These are very ordinary people. Our question is if it can happen to them, why not for the whole world? What is require is very powerful deekshas,  a sense of sacredness, and a bond with the divine. That is all. The teachings are coming from their mouth. What I’m talking is not speculation. What I’m saying is what we are seeing. So 2012 is already happening. That is the situation.