[2009-12-13] (V)* Aarhus, Denmark

Videoconference in Aarhus, Denmark December 13, 2009

Bhagavan: - What is your question?

Thank you so much for being with us, it is a day of celebration for us.

Bhagavan: - Thank you.

Q1: - Since deeksha came into our life our ability to see clearly what is going on around us and inside us is growing rapidly. And what we see is not always very pleasant. On the other hand our ability to accept it doesn´t grow that fast, and it causes us a great deal of suffering. Why is that and what to do?

Bhagavan: - In this inward  journey only up to a point we must use effort. After a point there should be no effort at all, it should be automatic. In case there is pain and suffering, it means you are putting an effort to see what is there, and if effort is involved, that is not real seing. I give an example of someone bringing a torch because there is a snake in the room. The bringing in a torch is the effort. The switching on a torch is again effort = that is the blessing. When that is done the light comes out and you see it is not a snake, but a rope, and the fear is completely gone. It does not take time, it does not take energy, and it does not take effort. To bring in the torch and pressing the button is the effort-part - there after it has to be effortless. So initially you set down in a comfortable place, watch your breath, take deep breath going to the abdomen, slow it down, and then you begin to watch your body sensations, and finally move on to the mind. Up to that point some effort is involved. There after it should happen on its own. That is the time when we call it “Contemplation”. Then, after a point it begins to give you joy. The very seeing gives you joy that is Meditation. It is not that “you meditate”, it starts happening. You must know when to let go. The problem is: You continue to put an effort, in which case it becomes very painful - an exercise in suffering.

Now, if any spiritual activity gives you pain or suffering, please know that something is going wrong. It has to be joyful, it has to be painless, and it should be automatic. So, the mind would soon realize that there is an advantage in this journey. It is very joyful and very profitable. Then it lets go. It must learn that, and it normally takes about 21 days to unlearn its old habits of putting an effort and try to judge and condemn and evaluate. In the forthcoming skypes I will guide you step by step, and it will become quite easy. I think you people have done some work already and may be ripe for that. I don´t see it will be difficult for you. I have a feeling, especially with this group as I am looking at you, I have a feeling that you are very near the take off point, so I will help you - don´t worry.

Q2: - Thank you Bhagavan.- During our lifetime some of us enters and are stuck deeply in existential crises with afeeling of deep separation to the divine. Can you please help us andwhat to do in these situations?

Bhagavan: - ”What to do” is the wrong question. There is nothing to do. Just keep quiet, theneverything will just happen. The problem is that you keep trying to do something. In theexternal world you must do things. (Inaudible sentence). It is very necessary. But in the inner world, the problem is you continuewith the same kind of effort. In the inner world you must give up the effort. It must become effortless, automatic. So when existential sorrows strikes you, it is like a huge tiger coming at you. Instead of trying to defend yourself from the tiger or escaping the tiger, we recommend that you jump into the mouth of the tiger - and die. All what is required in the inner world is death. You die to the past, you die to the future, and then obviously you stay in the present, and all is over. Actually, in the inner world we can move very fast, if you stop doing anything. The problem is that we all the time do something, there is not work in the inner world. The only thing I will say to you is: Please give up.

Maybe some change is required in the brain, but that the blessing/ deeksha will take care of. Your questions are so profound that I feel that it will happen soon. It is a very strange group. I don´t think I have seen a group like this. (Laughter) Of course one thing: Doing nothing should not mean indifference. Some time ago one of our dasas was talking with a big Buddhist-teacher.

The teacher said: - “You guys seems to bring about transformations in people, they have been coming and telling me. But how come, 30 years I have been trying to do this.”The dasa said: - “Yes but you are not able to connect with the people.” “What do you mean? In 30 years I have practised zen and I am a very detached person.” "You are not detached, you are indifferent. Detachment happens. But you are practicing indifference, that is the confusion.”

The same here. Doing nothing does not mean Indifference, but being very much alive of what is going on inside. Its the slight changes you do and you will race off.

The third question, thank you.

Q3: - Beloved Bhagavan. Through some strong past life experiences, I came in touch with ancient pain and a very deep split between the male and the female. The loss of organic unity between the masculine and the feminine. How is it possible to heal this separation between the female and the masculine, and could you give a strong blessing for solving it?

Bhagavan: - This is a pain which every human carries with her- or himself the only thing is that you seems to have become intensely aware of it. Now in India for example we believe that the whole universe emerged from an infinitely small point, we call it the One, the nondual, the Advaita. From that it became the two, three and the many. We say that the One appears as the many, we do not say that the One becomes the many, but that the One appears as the many. So a lot of divisons is taking place during the creation and the evolution.

We believe that by 2012, these divisions are going to cease. What it means, is that we will learn to live with opposites, we will learn to live with paradoxes. Wherever there is a front, there must be a back, where there is a high, there must be a low. Everywhere you will find paradoxes, this is how the universe is constructed and without paradoxes there would be no creation at all.

The question is can we learn to live with these paradoxes? This is exactly what we believe is going to happen year 2012. So I would say that your problem could get resolved either if you got awakened, now or in 2012, where I feel that most people will become awakened.

So your problem is a very real problem and a problem for everybody on the planet. The only thing is that you seem to be deeply in touch with it, and I expect this to be overcome in 2012.That was the answer to the third question.

All this questions I will go into much deeper in the future skypes.

Q4: - We have some practical questions about, how we can come to India to do the Oneness Trainer-courses. There have been many different sayings about it. We would really like to be clear, there is no level 1 and level 2 anymore, so what is the condition to come?

Bhagavan: - If you want to become a trainer,  you must send an application with either 25 blessing givers sponsoring it, or 10 trainers. In case in your country you don´t have that many blessing givers or trainers, you could contact us, then we will tell you what to do.

And in case you have a national coordinator, the application should be forwarded to the national coordinator. You must give it to him, and he will send it to us. But in case the national coordinator refuses to send the application, you can contact us, and we will have a three-party meeting: yourself, the national coordinator, and ourselves (=Bhagavan), and we will sort out the issue. But I don´t see any reason, why a national coordinator should refuse to forward the application, sponsored by ten other trainers or 25 blessing givers. That is all there is required.

At the level of your inner life there must be a deep connection with people around you. You must be concerned about the human condition, and you must be passionate about this change we are talking about in 2012. This is the only conditions we require. So you could start applying to your coordinators. So I don´t see any big problem in coming to India to the training, which will start in March 2010. These courses will be started to train you as teachers - and as trainers in the first place - , and in 2014 you will be trainers in your own right way. You will no more be called ”oneness trainers”, you will be ”a teacher in your own right” by 2014. That is what this program is all about.


The next question, please.

Q5: - When can we come to you, we would like to come as a whole group to see you?

Bhagavan: - If you are not coming for the Trainers’ Course, you can start coming anytime. Just contact us and have the reservations made and come any time from now on. We are ready to receive you. We welcome you.

Q: - Thank you. So we will be able to meet you even if we are not?

Bhagavan: - Yes, of course. Yes, yes, you will have access to me now.

Speaker: What a blessing. That was what we have of questions right now.

Bhagavan: - So shall we have our three minutes of meditation?

Speaker - Yes.

Bhagavan: - From next time it will be for a longer duration, but this time it is three minutes meditation.

Bhagavan: - Love you all, love you so much. See you soon. Namasthe.

Speaker: - Love you Bhagavan, see you soon, namasthe