[2009-12-20] (V)* Stokholm, Sweden

Broadcast with Sri Bhagavan to Stockholm, Sweden - Dec. 20, 2009

Q1: There is so much pain and sorrow surfacing in me right now, that my daily life is becoming very difficult to manage. And at the same time it takes so much more effort now to dissolve the pain by experiencing it, compared to a year ago after my Level 1 course. How can I make the act of dissolving the pain by experiencing it easier, more effective and more powerful?

Bhagavan:  In Oneness, you've got to remember, that only up to a point there could be effort. If effort continues, then nothing would happen. Things must happen automatically, they must become effortless. Experiencing suffering is an effortless act. If you apply effort, you will not be able to do it at all. Effort is only slightly becoming aware, "yes I have this pain" and maybe bringing in some teaching. That's why I often give an example of a snake in the room and you are very scared. And then you go out and get a torchlight, going out and getting a torch is the effort, and then putting on the switch is the effort. Once the light comes out of the torch, you see it's only a rope and not a snake. So it does not take time, energy or effort. The fear is just gone.

So in all of oneness activities, only up to a point there is effort. Beyond that it must become effortless. Now, how does it become effortless? That is where Grace comes in, your connection with the Divine, without which you can not do it. So up to a point it's OK. You try and you put in some effort. And then there comes a point when you realize, nothing is happening. You're trying to experience suffering, nothing is happening. You're trying to stay with it, nothing is happening. That is the point when we say, you've got to surrender. Surrender is not something very cheap or something slavish. You just realize you cannot do anything. When you can not do anything, what do you do? You've got to seek help. So you must have a connection with the Divine. So take a blessing or invoke the Divine, and then you'll see what happens. It just begins to happen. It has to be effortless. If there's effort, it is not oneness. And it naturally happens if you invoke the Divine or if you can not do it, ask some powerful blessing giver to give you a blessing. It will start off. That's why the blessing is so important. Without the blessing you can not get there. Because your  trying is what is destroying it.

When you try to experience, you can not experience. It's just not possible. So, you try and you fail, that's when you hand over. Then you'll see it happens very beautifully. And once it starts happening it gives you such joy and powered by joy it goes on automatically. It becomes a habit after some time. But at least initially, you'll need the help of the Divine or the blessing.

So that's the answer for the first question. We move on to the second question.

Q2: I have been trying to set right my relationship with my father for several years now, yet I still think he is an idiot. One part of me does not seem to like him or want to have anything do with him, at the same time another part of me feels guilty about this and bad for giving him more pain than he is already carrying and this part feels compassion for him, which I'm not able to express in his Presence. Please help.

Bhagavan:  Now as I'm talking to you, taking on your questions or telling you certain things, or we're going to meditate together or I'm going to give a blessing; all this is Level 3. Now in Level 3, I would be giving you more clarity on teachings which have been taught to you already. Because very often after a level 1 and a level 2, you go home with a lot of wrong concepts and that has to be corrected. So I'll be trying to give you a clear understanding of the teachings, that is level 3, and also give you new teachings as we go along, once the foundation has been layed.

Now let us look at this question. Please repeat the question again.

OK. So, now if you look into this question you can get a clear understanding that whoever asked this question has really not understood oneness. Now for example, he calls his father an idiot and he wants that to be changed. That is not oneness. And then he's struggling to be compassionate to his father. That is not oneness. What exactly is the oneness teaching? Now, he thinks his father is an idiot. Oneness does not say change your opinion about your father or do something about it, none of these things. Oneness does not say "change", because oneness says "change is impossible". The fundamental teaching is "when the impossibility of change strikes you, like a ton of bricks, then something happens". What you must realize is, "Look, I'm not able to change my opinion about my father. This is what I think of my father, that he's an idiot". So all that you could do is, become intensely aware of what's going on inside, namely, you think your father is an idiot. That's all there is to oneness.

Like a snake which is focused on the prey, this is not indifference, but be fully focused on what is happening inside. You're thinking he's an idiot, that's all there is to it. Out of that intensity, that awareness, there arises action, about which we won't talk. There's no need to talk about that, because that again becomes a concept. You just act. You cannot call it right action, you can not call it wrong action, you can not call it good action, you can not call it bad action. It is just action. If just being action, it is perfect, no matter what the consequences are. It's just action.

You don't go back and say "I should've behaved like this, I should've behaved like that", no. Now what's happening is there's a reaction. A lot of psychology has got in, a lot of philosophy has got in, oneness teachings which has been understood differently has got in and now you're trying to act from that, which is no action at all. You must act from the intensity of awareness. In your case it is, you think your father is an idiot. That's the only truth. How could you change the truth? We're not asking you to change the truth at all. That is the truth for you at that moment. You think he's an idiot. That's all. Be intensely aware of it. Not being indifferent, but be very, very clear. Just be focused on it and see what happens.

The same thing, you're trying to be compassionate to him, there's a conflict inside. So all that you must become aware of is that conflict. You're trying to be compassionate. You're not really compassionate, you're trying to be compassionate. You feel a little sorry for your father and there's a conflict. Become aware of all these things, that little compassion, feeling sorry for your father and having a conflict. That is the content of the mind at that moment of time. The mind is like a river. It's flowing all the time, it is changing every moment. Different personalities are emerging, they're arising and they're ceasing. There's emotions that arise and they cease. It's like a vast ocean where the waves are coming up and going down. Simply happening all the time.

You can't control it, you can not contain it. Something which is living, which is dynamic, how can it be controlled or contained? You can only be aware of it, you can be alive to it. If you're aware and alive, then things happen naturally. You don't need a moral code, you don't need an ethical code, you don't need some scripture to guide you. Nothing is required. You don't need a book on philosophy or psychology, nothing. Simply action arises. That is the book you've got to read. The most important book is the book of your own life. What is going on there. That's the most interesting story you could ever hope to hear. It will be just fascinating and as you read that book there is joy, there is bliss. Everything starts coming to you.

So the content of your mind, the most terrible things – even to use the word terrible is wrong. If you say it's terrible, it's bad, it's good, then there's no more awareness. You're judging it already. And when you start judging, the mind is at full play, because the mind is nothing but the flow of thought. Thought, being measurement, is all the time comparing and then there's no awareness at all. When only comparison stops, when measurement stops, there is awareness. And awareness is the first step and the last step.

There's nowhere to go. Awareness is not going to take you anywhere. Please understand that. Awareness is the be all and the end all. Just to be aware is to be awakened. You should not think you will become aware and then you're going to reach somewhere. That is not oneness. You should not think "Oh, I now got a tool called awareness, I will use it and I'll become this, I'll become that". There's nothing to become. All that is possible is sheer awareness. If you are aware you are in heaven, that's all. We need not describe it.

It's the first step, it's the last step. There's nowhere to go. You should not think "Oh, it's the first step, therefore I'm going to land up somewhere". No. First step is the last step. Finished, it's over! There's nothing else to life than just being aware. It can be awareness about the tree there, or about the bird there, or about your wife nagging, or seeing what's inside. There's no difference at all. If you could be aware of your wife nagging you, or your husband nagging you, whatever the case might be, it's the same thing as listening to a bird or the flowing water

There's no difference at all. It's sheer joy. It's all over. Whereas you're trying to get somewhere. The teachings are being applied, you're trying to make use of it, you're trying to get somewhere. There's nowhere to go! How long is this going to go on? Trying to get somewhere? The content is never, ever important. It can be anything. Are you just aware of it? That's all that matters. And there you would need the blessing. You certainly need Divine help, at least in the initial stages, to become aware. Thereafter it becomes quite easy and then the Presence starts moving in. And once the Presence is there, there's only awareness, that's all.

The Presence is awareness. As you get closer and closer to the actual event which is happening inside you and awareness increases, the Presence also would increase, that is the Divine. And there comes a point when the Presence is fully there. Awareness is full. The Presence is full. And with that, it's all over. At that point you can say, "I am God", because you become the Presence. So, awareness means, something is happening there and you're getting closer and closer and closer. At the first level, it is contemplation. At a deeper level, it is meditation. At the final stages, it becomes greater and greater awareness. When awareness is total, the Presence is total, you are One with God.

So, we'll go into greater depths in future Skypes.  So now we move on to the third question.

Q3: When can all we blessing givers come to India to meditate in the temple and deepen our process and what can we do to help you in your intention?

Yes, you could start coming from February, because in the month of January, we'll be having huge crowds here. But if we still find that we're in a position to invite you, we'll send you an invitation and you could start coming in January. But as of now, it looks like February. You're all free to come and meditate in the temple. Because the temple here or the World Oneness Center is intended to alter our planetary energies. One is, the building itself would do that, plus when people meditate there we'll be helping the process a lot. So, you're most welcome to come here. That's one thing.

What I would want from you is, quickly we must produce a lot more trainers. A LOT more trainers must be produced, who in turn would produce a lot more blessing givers, because only then we can make 2012 possible. We need large numbers of people because unfortunately we have lost some very valuable time, and recent events in the movement has shaken the faith of people. It's very, very difficult to build up faith. The faith has been shaken because of the events. So, we have to make up for lost time. It's a very unfortunate thing.

So, for example, I consider 2012 itself to be a phenomenon, not only our movement is the phenomenon, but the entire 2012 itself is a phenomenon. There are a lot of movements working for that and unfortunately some of the movements have perished. Because of very similar events, they have died a premature death and some have become weak.

Now this has happened to our movement. Wherever there's a front, there's a back, wherever there's a high, there's a low. So whenever you try to create order, disorder also automatically emerges. It's nobody's fault. It very naturally happens. But somehow we have to tie out the crisis. Unfortunately it has come this way and it is in fact shaking the faith of people. So we are losing valuable time. So, our only way to counter that is, in the next two years we'll produce a lot more trainers and a lot more blessing givers. That's the way to counter that.

So I hope all of us could work together. It's not just me working or someone's working, all of us have to work together. It has to be a massive human effort if 2012 to be possible and I hope we can all cooperate and work together very, very fast. I would request you to become trainers as quickly as possible and start producing as many blessing givers as you could possibly, so we'll be ready by the end of 2011. By the end of 2011 itself we'll be able to see things start happening, that will give us the confidence. And in2012 we should be ready. Because we should start right from January itself, and in the month of December we'll be fully active all 31 days.

I can tell you one thing, that 2012 is not a figment of some imagination or some hallucination. We do work with special groups in India, when you come to India you can see 2012 is happening. People are becoming awakened in something like 6 hours. And the actual turning point is less than 3minutes. The great buddhist teacher Padmasambhava who brought Buddhism from India to Tibet, he said "when the iron birds fly in the air, man will be awakened in less than 3 minutes". We see it actually happening. When you come here, when you go to India, we'll actually show you. You can see for yourself how this is happening. So 2012 has begun. Only thing is we should build up the requisite numbers by 2012. And I'm sure that we're all going to cooperate and make it happen.

So the three questions I think have been answered, so now shall we go into meditation for three minutes?

Sweden: Yes Bhagavan.

Bhagavan: Yes, so thank you so much. Next time we'll be going for deeper and longer meditations as we prepare ourselves. So we now move on to meditation now.


Shanti, shanti, shanti..


Bhagavan: Love you all! Love you!

Sweden: We love you so much Bhagavan!

Bhagavan: Namaste, namaste! Thank you so much, thank you!

Sweden: Namaste! Thank you so much Bhagavan!

Bhagavan: Thank you, thank you!

Sweden: Love you so much Bhagavan!