[2010-01-06] (V)* Verona, Italy

Skype call with Povegliano Veronese, Italy 1/6/10

1) Bhagavan, in  a previous skype conference I understood that in order to increase the diksha power, we need to improve our dialogue with the divine - can you say something more about it?

 First of all you have to cast the divine in a particular human mold, either as father mother brother sister friend teacher or whatever it is. And then, exactly the way you speak to your father, you must speak. It varies from individual to individual, the way you're relating to your father, that is the way you must talk, you must actually try to hold a conversation, then after sometimes you notice that the answers are coming in the form of thoughts, insight or coincidence and if you are lucky, you can even hear a voice. It could be sometimes even your own father's voice and if it’s your mother - if you cast the divine in your mother's mold, then you have to talk to the divine like a mother. To start you have to assume that the divine is your mother and she is listening to you. As you keep holding the conversation and you get used to it, slowly you find... initially you may not hear the answers but you prayers would be answered and little by little when the dialogue picks up you get the answers, and that requires a little bit of work and effort.  

That it is what the mystics do. In my opinion a lot of people could become this kind of mystic and having a dialogue with the divine. Try it and see it. I'll also bless you for that, maybe it could happen. This is the answer for your question. Let’s go to the second question.  

Satyam: Second question is from Vera that now will come here, you can see only a silhouette probably.

Bhagavan: Yes, I cannot see her, but anyway it’s ok, I can see some outline. No problem Satyam: Shall I read the question for you? 

2) Beloved B. I m listening to your teachings in the world through skype as level 3, my mind assimilates them in wonder, I'm spreading them with enthusiasm trying to practice them with fervour, yet in order to attract many people willing to become blessing givers it is necessary, according to me, that our Diksha had the power of giving higher state of consciousness and healing to the receivers, and it’s not happening 99 percent. Can you let it happen according to what you promised us since the very beginning? 

There are a number of Diksha givers across the world who are giving powerful Dikshas, doing powerful healing - they have even sent us medical reports and x-rays across the world and they have moved people in different state of consciousness and in fact, in the last 2 months the power has increased tremendously, the numbers are growing, even the new blessing givers are able to give powerful blessing. I would suggest you get in touch with them and learn from them as how they are doing. That will be an immense help to you, right now it looks that you have a very weak diksha power, so you must learn from those who are able to give powerful dikshas. Tthere are so many of them across the world, please get in touch with them and learn from them. 

3) Can you help us understand what is our purpose in life? This is from Piera. 

The purpose of life is to live, not to exist. If you were really living, the question would not arise. There is no answer to this question, this is a fundamental question. When the questioner disappears also the question disappears, when the question disappears the questioner goes with it. The purpose of life is to live - you are not living, you are existing. The purpose of the oneness movement is to help you move from existing to living. I will bless you for that, maybe you could get there one day. Shall we move into meditation now?