[2010-01-10]* Gothenburg, Sweden

Conference with Gothenburg, Sweden 10/01/2010

Bhagavan: - Namaste !

Siv: - Namaste Bhagavan !

B. Love you all

S. We are so happy to have you here

B. I´m happy to see you all

S. We are 20 people here and we are soon going to initiate 18 new Deeksha giver and we ask for a very strong Blessing for this initiation.

B. I will give a very strong Blessing during the mediation

S.  Thank you, because these people are very dedicated and really want to contribute and grow and we all want to contribute and grow. So the first Q we have is:

Q: How can we grow and deepen our consciousness more rapidly so we really can be of use?

B. The best way to grow is to watch ourselves and to realize who we are. The best place to watch oneself and to realize who one is, is in relationship. Relationship is a mirror is which you can see yourself. That´s the easiest way to actually become aware of who you are, observe yourself and start accepting yourself. That´s why we emphasize in Oneness so much on relationships. Relationship with ones mother and father, husband and wife, our children and friends, our colleges.  That´s is where…because life IS relationship. If there is no relationship there is no life. And that´s the best way in which you can watch yourself. And even watching in a superficial level could help you grow. And as you are been watching in a superficial level, you can see deeper and deeper things. As you go on and seeing deeper and deeper things you would find that at any effort, you’re willing to grow. So I recommend, watch yourself in relationships.

Q: As a new Deeksha giver how do know, how can I be sure that it works when I give Deeksha, that it is not my mind, that it is not my ego telling me it works?

B. Yes, you must watch the results. When there is someone coming to you with some ailment, if the Deeksha works and the person is free of that disease or that problem, the Deeksha is working. Suppose somebody is having a psychosocial pain, you give the Blessing, and the pain is gone maybe in a few days, that´s the proof the Deeksha is working. And if someone having a financial problem and you are giving a Blessing and it get solved, that´s a proof it´s working. So you are going for Blessing to help solve people’s problem. Any kind of problem it could be. It could be with your pet also. If your pet is sick, you can give a Blessing to your pet also. It works. So you must go on trying it, and by the results you will know it´s all going fine. If you don´t get a proper result you must check it on yourself, if there is ego that’s is working or if you are not connecting properly to the Devine, go on and checking it all. So it´s by the result you get. The fruit of the Deeksha is the indication if the Deeksha is working.

Q: As Deeksha givers - how can we support each other in the best way and how can we support this global shift of consciousness in the best way? Is it the amount of Deeksha givers that counts - the amount of Deekshas we give - or has it to do with our own level of consciousness - or is it all this together.

B. Yes, you have the answer. It´s all together. Each one is very important. You have the answer with you.

So now when we have finished the questions and since we have more time today I think we can go on for a longer meditation – maybe a 5 min. meditation.

Could we start?

S. Yes

B. During the meditation I strongly bless the new Blessing givers.

5 min. meditation

X – Shanti, shanti, shanti !

B. Love you all!

S. Thank you Bhagavan. Thank you very much.

B. Namaste !