[2010-02-14] (V)** Holland

Skype Conference with Holland 14.02.2010



1. Though I mentally know that my thoughts are not mine, I still believe them. Especially the ones saying: I am bad, I am not worthy, I am not good enough to be enlightened. I can observe them, but not really see them in the sense that I feel free. When I stay with these fears and feel the charge, they fade away, but pop up again at another time. So something I am doing wrong or not fully enough. It is like reaching into the sky with one arm and been pulling down in the mud at the other one.

Bhagavan, you say that you are ready to give us the necessary shift to become awakened, when we are ready for it. But how can I make myself ready to receive your gift if I am repetitive, compulsory and destructive creating otherwise? These are mind games, but I cannot lift myself up to another level of consciousness.

2. Can you tell us more about the importance of giving diksha's in a group?

3.I understand that the global warming, the crisis in economy etc. is connected to the consciousness. Some scientist, like Al Gore, Drunvalo (Melchizedec) have very sad visions of the future. Can you give us your point of view?