[2010-02-27] (V)* Germany

Skype with Bhagavan  27./28.2.2010  Baden-Württemberg (Germany)



Namaste, Bhagavan. We love you and are so glad to see you? Can you see everybody?

Yes, yes, I can still make out the figures, there is not enough lightning, but anyway I can see them.

Oh great! Because the beamer is probably in your way, so you don´t see us very much.

Yes. Very good! Go ahead with the questions.

I just want to tell you: we are here about 40 people and we are meeting for two days. All the deeksha givers of the state of Baden-Württemberg in the southern part of Germany. And that is also the first question we have for you: Beloved Bhagavan, we are here in a two day meeting for all the deeksha givers of the state of Baden-Württemberg. What role can regular meetings like this play for your vision? And how would you advice us to organize and arrange meetings?

Yes, I will recommend that these meetings are held once a month, that´s for a first thing. And that the groups should be between 25, 40, 50 at a maximum (note: words here not very clear). But then you must learn to operate in groups of 25, that´s what we are going to do in the year 2011. So these will form ideal groups. And here first you must discuss the teachings, you must share your understanding or your insight, and then your experiences. That must be shared. But after the sharing you must give Deeksha to each other. Now let us say you are there, you´ll give Deeksha to any of the 24 people. And after you are done the others should give Deeksha. You should receive and give Deeksha.

Now, if you have a person ready, who is awakened, you must get that person and make the person sit in your center and that person must speak about his state. And you must question him and then take a Deeksha from that person and meditate. You will see that you will be progressing very, very fast at an amazing speed. So that everybody could even become awakened. So this can show us very, very well how to function as groups (last words unclear).

Now, in generally, in 2011 we are going to start programming. For programming we would like to have these groups ready: 25, 25, 25. But in exceptional circumstances you can go up to 40, 50. Maybe thirty, but no more than 50, but they should be more exceptionally. You must take more to the ideal that is 25. We will be doing the programme and then from July of 2011 we will begin the processing where it must be only 25, not more than that. And this processing the trainers will be conducting and they are very, very powerful processes. And that is where we expect most people to become awakened. But you may become awakened in the programming also. And you may become awakened any time now. Because now every day more and more people are becoming awakened. It is happening every day. Today we probably have about 30, 40 people. The course is still going on. So they become awakened. The process is speeding up. So maybe even before we start the process a few people will be awakened. And it will be especially fast. Now, for example, Netherlands has an awakened person. Sweden has an awakened person. Now, they have in China, they have in Japan, they have in Taiwan, now they have in Belgium, they have in Italy. I´m sure very soon we are going to have some awakened people in Germany. So sit around them and meditate and you will see how fast you are going to progress.

So you must learn to work as groups. And they must be harmonious groups. There must be good relationship within the group. Then, when we initiate the process, it´s going to be very helpful. Because they need the support. As one person is moving into a higher state they need the support of others. Which means they must have very good relationships. Only then we can unleash tremendous power and in no time we can bring people to become awakened.

So this group work is very, very important. I´m really glad, that you are doing it. And you must get to know each other more like friends. And there must be a lot of sharing of your life. You should have no fear about sharing your thoughts, your ideas, your truths. If you start sharing them all of you will have better starts...(unclear words)

You should share about your inmost fears, your desires, your worries and the group must be like a safe system. You should not be talking about it outside or be criticizing the person. You must learn to look into a person and offer him your friendship and your support. When you practise this kind of listening, the person who is talking will make rapid progress and the person who is listening will also make rapid progress. So, eventually you must speak and you must learn the art of listening. As that person is speaking, what is happening inside of you that you must watch. You must attend to him without judging him or appreciating him, just listening. So the art of listening is very, very crucial. That has to be practised and it must finally culminate in the sharing of a Deeksha. So the sharing of the Deeksha is going to be involved when we start the programming.

It´s a very, very important process. How it´s to be done exactly we will be talking to you when the programming begins…(a few unclear words). Because now we should go out and start practising it.

We don´t want it to happen right now. So after you are well prepared we would teach you that. This is a very good way in what you are doing. I am very happy that you have this two day meeting

I give my full blessing for that.

Next question, please.

The next question is: I feel more and more connected with my antaryamin, my inner guidance, with god, with the spiritual world, but sometimes by behaviour of closed friends or partner or something in the outer world I loose trust. And I feel suddenly disconnected. Then it takes some time to come back to the faith and trust and oneness. Is this human, is this natural? Is there something I can do about it?

The ultimate solution is to be awakened. Unless everybody is awakened this kind of thing will be happening. And awakening is now happening very, very fast. So you don´t have to worry about it. And many of you, I am sure, must have read the famous novel “Siddhartha“ So I hope you also become like Siddhartha. Now I´m referring to Hermann Hesse´s novel Siddhartha (note: Hermann Hesse is a famous German author). And I don´t see why any of you should be going to take a longer time. I think some Germans they are going to come here next month. I think we will have a large number, who are going to awaken. And once they come back things are going to be fast.

That is the ultimate solution. You have to be awakened. If you are not awakened, of course, you can do some psychological course, you can use some spiritual tool, you can somehow manage in the situation.  But still it´s only managing the situation. The ultimate thing is totally awakening. And I think that most of you are going to make it quite soon.

Now we will move on to the third question.

Thank you! Why is it important for our transformation to believe in 2012 or not?

It is not at all important! Whether you believe in 2012 or not you could become awakened. The only thing is we are trying to prepare you so that you will be able to help humanity. If you read the current numbers of 7000 trainer, several thousand blessing givers and several  cases  of awakened being, we´ll be able to do something for 2012 that will affect human consciousness. That is all. Not that you want to believe in it. You do not have to believe in everything. You still you could become awakened.

So there is no demand for belief in Oneness. Not at all. Oneness is when you experience something.

Actually if you become awakened, if you move into an awakened state, people like yourself will see what´s going to happen, what is most likely going to happen. But belief is not required. You don´t have to worry about it.

So three questions are over?

(Group lauged. A five minute meditation with Bhagavan followed.)