[2010-03-06]* London & Paris, Asian coommunity

Sri Bhagavan's March Teaching London UK & Paris France Asian Oneness Communities 3/6/10

Starts with Birthday song.

Bhagavan: I love you all, thank you very much for your birthday greetings.  Thank you. So we have finished the teachings for February, for the month of March it's a longer teaching.  We will be uploading on our website very soon.  So you could go onto the website in about 3-4 days time and then you could start contemplating on that.

Then Bhagavan speaks in Tamil  and asks if we want English or Tamil.  So he proceeds in Tamil and then translates into English right after (about 4 minutes 10 seconds into this video).

Every March 7 the power is stepped up, and this March 7th particularly because we are getting close to 2012; that is tomorrow it will be enormously stepped up. You will be able to see very dramatically in the way that miracles will start to happen, and the way that people's problems are solved and there is a change in perception. You will see it is very dramatic.

However from March 18th it will be even more powerful. After about 11 days it will be very very powerful. If you are sensitive you will be able to perceive it. Now how to make use of this enhanced power? Now I've often said life is relationship, so now if you would, let's say you have a family, if you could accept your wife or your husband as the case might be, completely and totally without judging, without trying to transform the other, without trying to understand the other, using psychology and all this kind of stuff--just accepting the person as he or she is.

If you would start it today or tomorrow, and continue for about a month or so, now and then you might slip, but then you will become aware of it and go back and tell yourself, 'oh my God, I have judged', and try to understand what is happening. And then you continue like that, and suppose you are not married, it could be with your parents, and if your parents are also not there, it could be with a friend whom sometimes you resist, sometimes you like him/her to be different, something like that. Not someone who is younger to you. Okay between husband and wife or brother and sister, but not with the small children.

So if you start practicing this, because of the enormously stepped up grace you'll find excellent results within a month's time and quite a story to see what changes have occurred in you. You might even go so close as to awakening itself. So that is the message for this year, March 7, 2010.

So now we move into a 5 minute meditation now and you could start now with self. You could take a Sankalpa, that is a strong intent, that you will not judge your wife/husband, mother or father or brother or sister or close friend, as the case might be. And we meet the next time, we must be in a position to report back to me very good results. So now we shall meditate for the next 5 minutes.